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"Dr. Tierney has helped me out so much! With every visit, I left feeling better and over time my back problems have pretty much diminished. Minor flare up here and there, but it happens, especially being an avid lifter. Definitely recommend him to anyone seeking a great chiropractor." - Haley O, Patient

"I have been going to see Dr Mark for almost two years now...when I first went I could not walk my back, shoulders, neck and knees were keeping me in constant brutal pain and within a month of once a week visits Dr Mark had it just about completely gone. I do not know where I would be without him....and I keep that going by making sure to keep up with my monthly visit...every day sitting in an office plus twisting ,bending etc you need to keep everything aligned!!! Thanks Doc Mark...You are the BEST!!! Also great people in the office :)" -Ellie Sylvia-Florence, Patient

"I leave the office walking upright & a spring in my step after dragging myself through the door. Thank God I found Dr Tierney & so local!" -Cindy Burns Branga, Patient

"I love this place!!! I feel so much better when I leave feeling fresh and renewed. Dr. Tierney always knows how to fix my pain!!" -Jennie Galante, Patient

“Dr Tierney is awesome! I didn't think that I would ever be out of back and neck pain from 3 car accidents that weren't my fault. I have been basically pain free for quite a while and as long as I visit him once a month I am good. I've tried other chiropractors and they do not have the same knowledge and experience as him. If I ever hurt my back or neck I go Asa- so it will heal fast and I don't have to suffer.” - Richard Kraby, Patient

“I've known Dr. Mark for years and he is one of the most skillful doctors I've ever met.” -Greg Medlin, Patient

“Great practice and very professional. I recommend Tierney Chiropractic to anyone with strains or needed adjustments.” Joseph Perez , Patient